Fun and Excitement

A sense of freedom, adventure and truly independent spirit at first glance.
Columbus for a weekend away, holiday or for that more adventurous trip. Its exceptional line is a design masterpiece; every detail has been carefully and skilfully designed to produce an innovative and stylish design.
Everything from the design concepts, materials and components used, to the safety features and insulation, has been methodically chosen and thoroughly tested in order to attain a lasting and complete weatherproof product.
Opening the tent is really quick and easy, thanks to the special gas strutts, which lift up the top whilst keeping the fabric properly tensioned.
Columbus – your essential travel partner.

All Columbus models open in an instant. By releasing the catch at the back, the tent will open thanks to two special gas springs (just like those on car tailgates) which lift the top whilst keeping the fabric tensioned.

Closing it is just as simple; you are then ready to set off again in total safety.


Art. C/01
Columbus Small: aerodynamic version. Suggested for two adults.


Art. C/02
Columbus Medium: aerodynamic version. Suggested for two adults and a child.


Art. C/03
Columbus Large: aerodynamic version. Suggested for two adults and two children.
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