Reaching the impossible
Avant-garde ideas are often prompted by a challenge : go beyond unexplored frontiers. Columbus Carbon Fiber is the first tent equipped with a shell made of Carbon Fiber, that gives its unprecedented characteristics thanks to a technique of fine points combined with original polymer. Carbon Fiber has the same resistance as steel, but is extremely much lighter : Columbus Model’s new shells weight up to 40% less than traditional shells. Colombus Carbon Fiber’s general characteristics are the same as Variant Model’s, but Carbon Fiber composite material, used since a long time in aerospace sector, give them incomparable elasticity and resistance. Columbus Carbon Fiber is the new challenge : Make the most of the future right now.
Accessories included : 2 internal pockets with items holder made of elastic net, 1 light adjustable ladder, internal suspenders to facilitate the tent’s folding up (for high vehicles), anti-wind item, 2 arch shape window-doors on the sides and 1 big adjustable 6 position-opening at the back.

Art. CC/01
Columbus Carbon Fiber Small: versione aerodinamica,
consigliata per 2 adulti.

Art. CC/02
Columbus Carbon Fiber Medium: versione aerodinamica, consigliata per 2 adulti + 1 bambino.
Come in tutti i modelli Columbus, la tenda chiusa può contenere sacchi a pelo, coperte, borse, attrezzi o accessori da viaggio.
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