The universal attachment system offers complete versatility, fitting any vehicle, it can be positioned or adjusted easily and quickly to ensure complete safety of the tent and vehicle at all times.

The exclusive Autohome security system allows all tents to be used on any vehicle: small cars, off-road vehicles, station-wagons, MPV’s (or people carriers), camper vans, and pick-up trucks,...
A universal, quick attachment system, allows you to position the tent safely in any position, with no risk of damage or modifications to the body of the vehicle. Various fixing kits are available to suit.
An example of a roof rack for motor cars without water channels. Connection for off-road vehicles or motor cars with water channels. Attachment bars for motor cars with fitted rails. Customised luggage-racks available on request.
Different solutions and roof bars for hard-top vehicles. The Autohome universal attachment system allow for quick and safe positioning of the tent with no risk of damage to the vehicle body. Has two strong “C” shaped channels, that allow for safe positioning of the tent.

The ladders are robust with wide, comfortable treads, and offer complete reliability under all conditions.

The tents are completely independent of the roof rack, so attachment is simple and straightforward.

Each tent is supplied with clamps, which slide in the mounting channels, connecting the tent to the roof rack. A safe, tried and tested system.

Space saving kit
(art K/15A).
Garage accessory: pulley system that allows all models of roof tents to be raised from the vehicle for storage.

Air Circulation System (art. ACS-3D).
Accessorio da posizionare sotto il materasso: è una trama elastica traspirante e anticondensa. Composta in rete di polipropilene, è molto leggera (95% di aria, 450 g/m2), non si deforma (resistenza alla compressione: 1 ton/m2) e consente un salutare passaggio d’aria fra il materasso e la base della tenda. Disponibile in tre formati: Small (cm 120x210), Medium (cm 140x210) e Large (cm 160x210).
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